Michael Jackson – Promarkers



Today marks the 7th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. I find it hard to believe that it’s been that long, as it’s still very raw for me, and I remember the day very clearly.

Remembering Michael Jackson

I wanted to do something to mark the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. This is probably the first year that I’ve actually acknowledged it. You could say it has take those first seven years for me to really accept the reality of it.

Who’s Bad

The focus for this piece was to be my favourite era of Michael Jackson, Bad. I was one of the millions of people who had managed to get a hold of the Bad Tour footage, pouring out desires to Sony to have them release it officially (it did eventually come with a special Bad 25 release, after his death). I loved this era because of the fashion (the black, the buckles, the zips, the long hair, and his gorgeousness). I also loved this era because it’s the happiest I’ve seen him. It wasn’t many years after this that the press became vultures. And the music was pretty darn good too!

The Art

Many hours were spent searching for the right image of Michael Jackson for this tribute. I was keen to do a colour piece, to work on my promarker skills. I’ve done many portraits over the years of Michael Jackson, mostly in pencil and water colours, and many of them no longer exist as they go back to a time when I was more critical about my work and threw a lot of it away. Promarkers don’t really scan in very well, but overall I’m please with the outcome of this piece.

You can read more about the influence Michael Jackson had on me over on my blog.