Shark Alley – Book Design

Book Design, Water Colour


Shark Alley : Memoirs of a Penny-a-Liner

Shark Alley is a novel written by my husband, Stephen Carver. As my artistic style is based on Victorian engravings, my style has very much lent itself to books from, or based in, this era. This isn’t my first book cover design in this style. Last year I did a similar thing with Charles Dickens’ The Mysteries of Edwin Drood, completed by Sir David Madden. Shark Alley was a bit more of a challenge, however. Unlike The Mysteries of Edwin Drood, I had no spring board. There are many versions. The final version is a combination of the very first version and the very last. This book is something special and I look forward to releasing the illustrated edition some time in the future. You can find Stephen over at the Blot the Skrip blog.