Theda Bara – Black & White

Black & White


Theda Bara is Cleopatra (1917)

To be good is to be forgotten. I’m going to be so bad I’ll always be remembered – Theda Bara

Theda Bara is a name that is perhaps not as heard of these days as she has in the past. Most of her existence that is left is in still photo form. Most of her films have been lost, degraded with age or lost in fire. The only one that is more easily obtainable is A Fool There Was. ‘Kiss me, my fool!’ Yet the one that seems to have got fans and critics in a buzz is Cleopatra from 1917. We see the stills, we have read details of the production, we can even see a few seconds worth of film, but most, alas, is unobtainable – missing/lost. The costumes were amazing and I really wanted to capture the detail in this dress that the curvaceous Theda adorned. This drawing was done for Valentine’s Day as Theda had become a theme. As I had been working hard on Stephen’s book his payment to me was an original Theda Bara autograph…

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